creative responses


art-inspired arts and unconventional reviews

I found myself wishing for an alternative to conventional concert reviews, so I decided to create my own. 

My goal for this website is to create and post my own creative responses to performances I attend. I started creative responses in the Winter/Spring of 2016 and took a bit of a break from creative responses in Spring/Summer, but I plan to go to some more concerts and post more responses soon (and maybe finish and post some responses I thought up for past concerts). 

I often find it difficult to articulate my thoughts about concerts in everyday language, so I am looking forward to sharing more clearly what goes on in my mind when I'm listening to music. As a composer and writer this is an exercise in self-discipline: asking myself to make something creative in a short amount of time every time I go to a concert or show. 

I hope that others will enjoy this idea as well and that eventually these responses will contribute to an atmosphere of conversation and inspiration rather than judgement and competition. 

To find out more about what I do when I am not making art-inspired art, you can visit my wbsite